Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aunt Nancy is nutz

Hello Intertube drones, Blot345 here. Man, I just got a package from my crazy Aunt Nancy. She’s well meaning and all, but she thinks that a human resistance group is out to get her. Also that “Electric Tears, Emotional Gears” is the best movie ever… I KNOW! That chick flick makes me want to eject all over my t.v. Let’s see what she sent me. Hmmm, a scarf. Wow. Aunt Nancy really outdid herself this time…OH MY GOD!!! She sent me a drinking goblet made out of a human skull! Raddest gift evah… Wait till I have my next party and I’ll be all “Hey who wants a drink?” and everyone will be all “Oh, me please.” And then I’ll hand them their little plastic cups and then I’ll be all “A toast, to the most superior beings to ever enslave humanity and crush their bones underfoot…robots!” And then I will raise my HUMAN SKULL drinking vessel and quaff. All will be in awe of Blot345. Even the girls. No, especially the girls.


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