Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey all, Blot345 here. Thanks to everybotty that came to my partay last night. It was off the hizzy (that means “Hook”). Wonzy, amigo, you so crazy, I don’t know anybotty could down that much 10-30 and not blow a fuse! Kurt the shirt, great muzak, you know your electronica brother… Hey Craig, you’re o.k. and all, but that big fella in a dress who came with you ate like ALL my MiCro-ChiPs™ and downed pretty much a lifetime supply of PetrolPUNCH™. Major party foul… But NICE job on goin home with that hotty, Moss. Last time I saw you two, she was all hangin’ off you drunk as FucBleeeep! Looks like Jeremy isn’t the only Lady killer in this apt. complex! So once I’m recovered, I’ll let everybotty know when the next thang is goin’ down. Well, gotta go put more posters up for poor Mr. Fluffer Mittens. Late!