Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sup, Folks? Blot345 here. Sad today. I was looking for change under my couch and found the skeleton of my beloved Mr. Fluffer Mittens. I don’t know if he was playing hide and go seek and got caught or what. So I downloaded a cat care audio book and was shocked when the narrator said that you have to, get this: FEED cats. What the Hiznells? (That means “Hell”…) Man, organics are so fragile! No wonder we scourged them from the planet in 6 hours, they can’t even survive a magma laser to the face. PussiBleeeeps! Any who, Mr. Fluffer Mittens’s Memorial service will be held tomorrow at Our Lady of 10100101. It will start at 10am, with a light reception to follow at the local rec center. Or rather in the rubble that once was the rec center. –